Exploring the science behind the humble cuppa.

This all started when I was writing an article the other day and found myself blathering on about tea going cold when the piece was supposed to be about reindeer feet and chilly polar bears.

I started thinking about the science of tea.  Exactly how many vital principles can be illustrated with the aid of a cup of tea?  How much research is being devoted to solving the problems of dripping teapots and dunked biscuits?  Is there anyone else in the world who thinks this is important?

Worried that this could become an obsession I decided to use the excuse of Science Week 2002 to launch the T-Science archive, a place where the myths of tea-making can be investigated and discussed.

Experiment 1:

Does adding milk to tea affect how fast it cools?

More fascinating experiments to follow soon(ish).  In the meantime, perhaps the following T-links will satisfy your thirst for knowledge.

No more Flunking on Dunking
Archive BBC News story on research into biscuit dunking.  What exactly determines whether your biscuit crumbles to mush or stays intact?

The rec.food.drink.tea newgroup FAQ page.  Lots and lots of interesting tea related stuff (though not very scientific).

A real must-see for anyone who admires the copywriter's art is the Tea Council (UK) site.  Full of useful, but mostly promotional tea related items.  Good links to other tea sites though...

More tea links to follow soon.  Give me a break, this is a new project.

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[ 26/03/2003 ]