Wyn working on Bull elephant stomach. Chris and Colin fitting the Bull's belly to the legs. The Elephant sculptures, designed by Wyn Griffiths, were prefabricated at our base in Neath.  The sculptures stood on a base made from palettes.  Carpet tubes were used for the legs.  The lower and upper halves of the elephant's torso were made separately and sandwiched together when the sculpture was assembled.  The body shape was created by using chicken wire wrapped around wood and cardboard formers attached to a chipboard base.  The skin was made from sheets, waste material from a tea bag factory and plaster (mixed with vermiculite to create a realistic texture).  At the end of the event the sculptures were disassembled and moved to storage - you never know when you might need an elephant!
Top half of the bull elephant. Plastering the baby elephant.
Loading. Loading
Assembly on location. Assembly on location
Assembly on location. Wyn applying finishing touches.
Ready for painting. Finished elephant.
Howie and the finished elephant. Howie Watkins and David Shepherd at work,
Wyn and the finished elephant. Loading the Elephants.
Finished elephant. Loading the elephants.


The cutouts, ready to pack. Ellie mask and large elephant. Cardboard cutouts for use in the mural and "Ellie Masks" were also prefabricated in our workshop in the week before the event.
View of the Art ALert Workshop. Steve working on Hippopotamus cutouts.
Steve and an Elly mask. Ellie masks awaiting collection.
Chris scaling up his mural design. Ready to go.
Colin scaling up Chris' logo design. Mural painting.
Mural painting. Mural painting.
Cutout painting. Cutout painting.
Cutout painting. Finished mural.
Finished mural. Finished mural.
Finished mural. Finished mural.
Finished mural. Face painting.
David and the team relax. The London Transport Museum.
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